First Post: Table Mountain Memories

I decided to start my blog with a lovely memory: sitting at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.  Cape Town is long-considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It’s where 3 oceans meet.  It has its own biodome, which means flora and fauna unique to the city!  The mountain overlooking the city is called Table Mountain because it is nearly flat at the top; it looks like giants could sit around it for a meal.

This is one of the memories I go to when I’m feeling stressed or anxious in life.  I remembering the smell of salt and flowers.  I remember how warm the stones were underneath my thighs and palms.  I remember the impossible blue of the sky and the sea.  Everyone around me was peaceful and in awe of the view.  We were all connected by our love of the beauty.  Whatever was happening in the city below us felt far away.  Cape Town has a complicated history and there is still a lot of work being done in the name of brotherhood.  It was a good moment to be reminded of what people are working so hard to preserve.  At this point, I had been traveling abroad for 2 months — it was so nice to take a break from travel stress and relax.  I didn’t stand out in this crowd, so this moment was also a nice break from scrutiny or feeling like an outsider.  As much as I was welcomed by wonderful, loving people all over the world, there were many moments of being the strange, the novel, the different.  This was not one of those.  This was a moment of peace.

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